Why Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

There is wrong perception that fat will make us fat. Then it is time to know why fat does not make us fat. If not fat, then what will make us fat? Let us begin our journey to get the answer from reviewing several studies. In a former study about correlation of heart disease and fat intake or consumption, a scientist, Dr. Key claimed that the population with high fat consumption is very risky to get heart disease. Since fat can raise cholesterol, and that is why fat people are potential to get high cholesterol and heart disease.

In the recent studies, sugar is the main agent that can cause fat not the saturated fat. Even, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed a fact that saturated fat and heart disease had no correlation. Other surprising fact is in the British Journal of Medicine, the science also proved that the diet program that demands lowering saturated fat is wrong. Indeed, it can lower the total cholesterol but in other hand, it decreases the good cholesterol we need.

How does sugar can make us fat?

We need fat and sugar for energy. People tend to eat more sugar and high calories food, when they lower the fat consumption. The higher calories level is, the higher potential of dangerous cholesterol is. Science also reveals fact that 75% of patient of heart attack that consume high carbohydrate and sugar have type 2 diabetes. Choosing the right food with good fat is essential for your body intake and metabolism. What makes us fat is not fat but sugar and high carbohydrate.

Good saturated fat sources.

Finding out the fact that fat will not make us fat is very pleasurable for those who love juicy fat steak and chocolate. The two foods are some of sources of saturated fat that will not make us fat. If the meat is beef that is taken from cow fed by grass, the meat is good for our health. The burger and steak will be delicious as well as healthy. Dark chocolate, avocado and olive oil are other sources of good saturated food. What makes olive oil good is the content of polyphenols and monounsaturated fats. Polyphenol is anti-cancer agent that can reduce the risk of cancer. Use olive oil for cooking rather than VCO cooking oil. It is a better choice for you. Today, let us begin our healthy habit, reduce sugar and high carbohydrate food and enjoy eating fat from good fat sources like dark chocolate and olive oil.