5 Great Low Impact Workouts

High impact workouts such as jumping or Aerobic classes are often assumed to provide the fastest road to a physically fit body. Despite the fact that this is quite true, high impact exercises might not always be a practical solution to everyone.

Aged people for instance are normally not able to comfortably engage in high impact workouts. Going to the gym or for aerobics might also not be possible if you are nursing knee/joint injuries, have chronic illness such as Arthritis or are simply a new exerciser who’s yet to develop all that energy.

Whatever the case may be, the good news is high impact workouts are not the only exercises that can help you lose all that flab. Low impact workouts, if performed correctly, can still enable you to cut off the unwanted pounds you’d like to get rid of.

You really don’t have to be dripping sweat during your exercise sessions to lose excess weight. The trick to weight loss actually is very simple: burn more calories than you take in. Do this and you’ll automatically lose weight. But to achieve this, you need to get your heart rate up.

In the following few minutes, you will be introduced to five tried and proven great low impact workouts that can make your exercise sessions easy to execute, more fun and less tiresome.

1)      Walking & Hiking

Walking is among the simplest low impact workouts with incredible ability to transform your body for the better, without giving you a hectic time. Experts recommend at least half an hour (30 minutes) of brisk walking everyday for faster and more noticeable results.

To increase the intensity of your workouts, you can try walking with relatively light weights. This will increase the number of calories your body burns during each session. And to avoid boredom, you can take on hiking as it is a unique way of exercising involving walking up and downhill.

2)      Swimming

Especially during hot seasons like summer, swimming will be a great low impact workout to consider that can quickly get you in good shape. It is easy on your joints and allows one to properly work out their upper body muscles.

Your body will as a result burn calories while you are swimming but often you will hardly feel any discomfort as the exercise is fun altogether. It is an amazing way to enjoy yourself and keep form at the same time.

3)      Water Workouts

Walking on underwater treadmills is one of the best examples of water workouts. In most cases such workouts are advisable to people who have injuries that prevent them from carrying out high impact exercises.

There are several leg, abdominal and arm exercises that can as well be done in water which are consequential for burning calories. The upside with water workouts is since water pressure boosts blood circulation, the heart doesn’t have to work harder to do the same enabling one to exercise in water for longer durations stress free.

4)      Yoga

Yoga is a low impact exercise that has been widely adopted by many people across the world. Essentially yoga involves performing specific postures that are held for 10-15 minutes incorporated with deep breathing exercises.

The movements and poses target different areas on the body. They generally increase heart rate and burn calories in the process. According to statistics, you can burn more calories doing yoga than even water workouts.

5)      Fusion Classes

Fusion classes consist of two or more styles of exercises, all low impact. Often they may comprise of yoga, ballet and dance making fluid movements to improve your flexibility, strength and balance. Not only will you be able to burn a lot of calories from fusion classes but you can also expect to have great fun when attending the classes.

Finally, to make sure you don’t run out of ideas on the low impact workouts that you can engage in. Here are other suggestions you may want to try out: Pilates, Ballet, Tai-Chi, Canoeing or Kayaking, Inline skating and lastly, Paddleboarding.